Saturday, 4 January 2014

Tips for a good website

1) Logo

Logo is identity of your website. So, you must place it at right place because it can be a home button to visitors. In addition, logo can make people know your website identity and trust your website.

2) Color

Use the colors which is match with your website. Do not use all color in "Rainbow" colors. The more the color match the more beautiful your website.

3) Font

Adjusting from normal font to a better font is good for visitor of your website easy to read your website content. Sometimes, font cannot same in color. Plus, a good font, it can make up your website become tidy.

4) Image
Image is the important rule to make eye-catching content to visitors who visit your website because it can make your visitors become more trusting your website. With the image slideshow, you can make your website become neat.

5) Content

Content can attract user interest to make your website become famous if your content is user or visitor searching for that keywords. 

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