Saturday, 4 January 2014

How to earn money by watching YouTube videos

I just want to share to you guys that you can earn as much as you can if you guys watching YouTube videos. Please follow these simple steps to earn credits. - How it works

1) Please click the image above. 

2) Click "Register".

3) After you are done register, log in back.

4) Then, select Social Media Categories > YouTube Views.

5) After that, click red button "view".

6) Wait until 36/36 and You will receive 14 credits.

7) Please wait until "You have earned 12 credits" appear and you can click close.

8) You can see now your current credits increase already. :)

There are many more Social Media Exchange in this site. I hope you enjoy from the tutorial above. :) - How it works
Please hit this image. :)

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