Friday, 27 December 2013

How to design a simple website using a notepad

Today I want you to follow me to do a simple website using html coding. Yes, this is just for you guys! 
This coding a bit easy if you understand. 
Do as I do okay?
Enjoy! :D

Firstly, you need to create a notepad file. Right click at desktop. Then choose (text document/notepad). 

You will see a new text document will appear on your desktop. 

Double click it and write it "Hello World". 

In addition, please click File. Then, click Save As.

Plus, save as type "All Files". Next, you can rename your text document file in any name but add .html at back as example "fadhlan.html". Click "Save".

You almost done. As you see from image above HTML Document has been created. :)

Now, you have a simple website design. I will post more about designing a website such as:

1) How to put a website head title 
2) How to put an image on website
3) How to put a linked words on website
4) How to put a linked image on website

Please comment me and follow me if you are interested. :D

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